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I agree that formative assessment at scale is the key to the usefulness of these MOOCs, however, Koller just claims that they have cracked that in this video rather than explaining how they do it. I've been poking around on the Internet and asking this question for a few weeks with no luck. Does anyone know what techniques they use in Coursera? If an effective technique has been developed for low-cost formative assessment in online courses this will be extremely effective in bringing down the cost of education. Are these techniques in the public domain? Is there any other system that we can freely purchase that will give us access to these techniques?

Brian - these are all good questions, to which I do not know the answers. Daphne Koller spoke at UCL in London in June - when the talk is published we may get further insights. Seb

Brian - Koller's University of London talk is now here. Limited detailed insights, however, into the questions your raise.
-- Seb

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